The Complete Contactless Ordering Solution

Takeaway / Delivery / Self-Ordering-At-Table

Get online today with a branded, personalised online ordering platform that helps your business grow. Create a safe operating environment for your staff and business while ensuring your customers still enjoy a great dining experience.

The Cost-effective Takeaway Ordering App

YourOrder online ordering system provides affordability to any venue and is fully integrated with Bepoz Point of Sale and self-ordering software. This suite of software solutions makes it easier and more affordable than ever to run your hospitality business, increase your sales, lower running costs and, importantly, comply with COVID-19 distancing regulations.

The Restaurant Self-Ordering System of the Future

Contactless restaurant ordering is the way of the future, with social distancing requirements and changing social norms requiring businesses to evolve and adapt. Bepoz is proud to present a solution in the form of our restaurant order taking app, YourOrder. YourOrder allows for simple and efficient at-table ordering, minimising face-to-face interaction between staff and customers as required in today’s climate. Prepare your venue for reopening while giving customers peace of mind thanks to our restaurant table ordering system, YourOrder.

Adapting to change with contactless restaurant table ordering

Contactless restaurant ordering is one helpful strategy to consider, helping you to abide by social distancing regulations, increase efficiency and protect the wellbeing of both staff and customers. Responsiveness is key in the hospitality industry, with Bepoz YourOrder allowing you to tweak your menu at any time and utilise various admin controls. YourOrder is also a highly practical solution as it is fully integrated with Bepoz Point of Sale, requiring no third party integrations. Not a Bepoz user? No worries – you can still enjoy the benefits of the standalone YourOrder system at your venue.

Perks of using Bepoz solutions

Bepoz is the partner you need to elevate your hospitality business, with our suite of solutions meeting an array of business needs. In addition to our restaurant table ordering app, Bepoz also offers technologies relating to online ordering, visitor registration, website marketing, and loyalty programs, providing solutions to all pain points in the hospitality industry.

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