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Visitor Registration

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The Reliable Restaurant Reservation App You Need

Has the changing nature of the hospitality world prompted you to look into implementing a visitor management system? Bepoz is a leading restaurant visitor management app helping business owners open their restaurants in a COVID-safe manner.

By having our systems in place, you’ll be able to streamline your record-keeping, adhere to social distancing requirements, and maintain the safety of your staff and customers. Here’s exactly how our visitor reservation and management app makes this happen:

  • Contactless capabilities – visitors can use their own device to scan your QR code, which will direct them to your self-managed browser
  • Ease of use – if a visitor has been at your restaurant before, a simple scan of the QR code will pull up the contact details they’ve entered previously
  • Security – a secure database of registered patrons will be created (and never shared with third parties).

Our visitor reservation app can be used alongside our other suite of tools, or used as a standalone tool if reopening or operating in a COVID-safe manner is your top priority at the moment.

How our visitor reservation system helps you stay safe

Our online restaurant booking system and accompanying restaurant visitor management system helps you keep your employees and customers safe during trying times. Our system makes it easier to abide by government regulations and reopen your business in an efficient and safe manner.

Bepoz’ online restaurant reservation system makes it easier to take bookings, manage customer details and maintain social distancing requirements. By digitising your systems and processes, you’ll be able to abide by the necessary requirements and conduct contact tracing if ever required.

Having the right technology in place also provides peace of mind to your customers, demonstrating your commitment to safety. Managing all of this via an app also takes the burden off your staff, allowing for more seamless operations with less data entry and notetaking required. From noting down your customers’ dietary preferences to spacing out your restaurant visitors appropriately, Bepoz allows for smoother and safer business management.

Our full suite of hospitality apps

Our visitor management system can be used on its own, but can also be paired with our other suite of hospitality apps. To further elevate your business, you might want to look into our convenient POS, online ordering, self ordering at table and loyalty app solutions. Speak to our team today to find the best solution, or combination of solutions, for your hospitality business.

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